Friday, July 27, 2012


Team Uffda with Ann and Don :)
While the route was only 42 miles for the day, we all were hoping that our hosts in Cedar Rapids, Ann and Don, would adopt us and let us live with them forever.  We had such a nice time chatting with them over coffee and breakfast this morning, and watching the sun rise over the pond in their backyard....BUT we had to ride our bikes eventually, so we said our goodbyes and set off on the day's journey.  Going through the Czech Village involved some kolache tasting followed by some good climbs leaving town.  Headwinds were present for part of the ride again today, but the pleasant temperatures made for an enjoyable ride anyway.  The scenery was breathtaking from the bike seat today.  We were up high enough that we could see for miles and miles and the white fluffy clouds and blue skies made for views that are usually only seen on postcards. 

We spent some time at one family's farm eating icie pops that some kids were selling.  After some Uffda encouragement by Jon and Steve, the kids were up at the roadside encouraging cyclists to stop and buy icie pops for a quarter.  It wasn't long that they were running back and forth to the house to get more product to replenish their stock!  One little girl was also squirting riders with a hose as they rode past and it was quite funny watching her aim the water at them, spraying a few in the face instead of their chest.  LOL!

Before we knew it we were speeding into Anamosa.  It hardly felt like we had done much in comparison to some of the other days, but it was nice getting into town early.  After cleaning up at the funeral home we are staying at, we ventured downtown where all the action is and to find some lunch/dinner.  Now, time to get a little bit of rest before finishing up tomorrow.  It's hard to believe that almost as almost as quickly as it started, RAGBRAI will be over after our ride tomorrow.  None of us are ready to be done, but I guess that's how vacations go and eventually you have to go back to reality.  Until later, sweet dreams.


  1. You are ALWAYS welcome at the house on the pond! We can get those adoption papers written up when you're ready :) God bless you guys, and have a wonderful final day tomorrow.

  2. Hi Ann :) Thanks so much for the well wishes! We did make it safe and sound to the Mississippi River and I'll hopefully have our update on Day 7 done soon :) Thanks again!!