One Last Ride

Team Uffda's mission this year is to honor its founding member, Dave Nelson ('Grandpa' to us).  In honor of Grandpa, who passed away on April 18th, we are taking his beloved bicycle for One Last Ride across the state he lived in on the ride he loved: RAGBRAI.  Along with riding our own bikes, Team Uffda members will take turns pedaling Grandpa's bike along the route with 10,000+ of our closest friends as a tribute to him.  We know this will be an emotional experience for all of us, and without a doubt there will be tears, but there will also be laughter as we reflect on the endless happy RAGBRAI memories we had with Grandpa. 

Another part of our mission is to give back and raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease.  We will be fundraising and providing people with information regarding Alzheimer's to other cyclists on the road during RAGBRAI.  Alzheimer's took Grandpa from us slowly as we all saw him struggle to retain his motor skills, one of which was the ability to ride his bike, and we don't want others in the future to go through this slow heartbreak.  As stated above, we will be raising funds on RAGBRAI this year, and if you are so moved, we would love for you to click the purple box on the right to donate to this cause. 

We look forward to seeing you all on the road as we celebrate Grandpa's life with One Last Ride.

Safe travels, and keep the rubber side down.

-Team Uffda (The Nelson Family)

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  1. Hi Team Uffda: I met you at the Beekman's ice cream stand on the last day, and I was moved by how you chose to honor your Grandfather's memory and his love of RAGBRAI. Congratulations on your ride. I'll bet your Grandpa would be proud.